Adventures in Grilled Cheese.

Grilled cheese is one of those things for a cold day.
Well here is a little different take on the normal grilled cheese.
The one in the front is made with grilled sweet onions on rustic bread with fresh mozzarella cheese, dipped in an egg wash and grilled in hot olive oil in a frying pan. The grilled onions were grilled with butter.
The one at the back is a Grilled Cheese Bruschetta Sandwich.
Small grape tomatoes cut up with minced garlic and minced sweet onions, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette, with basil and parsley added in. Same bread was used as above and cheese with the egg wash.
Now I would like to say something about hot verses room temp on Grilled Cheese sandwiches. While some are fine at room temp, others are better hot. Case in point of these two sandwiches the Grilled Cheese and Sweet Onion is far better when hot and the Bruschetta one is much better at room temp, only because it has time to give the flavor of the bruschetta to the rest of the sandwich.


Tucci ragu sauce, with a little change.

The original recipe can be found in The Tucci Cookbook.
1/4 cup olive oil in a stew pot over medium-high heat. Sear 2 pounds of stew beef that has had the fat trimmed from it. Should take about 10 mins or so to make sure it is browned on all sides. Once browned remove from pot and place in a bowl for later.
Put 1 cup finely chopped sweet onions in the stew pot with one teaspoon of finely minced garlic. Reduce heat to low and cook the onions until they become soft. Stir in 1/2 cup of dry red wine and scrap the bottom of pan. Add 6-oz can of tomato paste. Then a 1/2 cup water and warm paste thoroughly.
Add 28-oz of Italian plum tomatoes that have been pureed and 28-oz of regular tomatoes also pureed. Add 3 fresh basil leaves and teaspoon of dried oregano. Cover leaving the lid slightly askew and simmer about 30 mins.
At this pot return the meat and all juices in the bowl to the pot. Add teaspoon black pepper freshly ground and a pinch of seas salt. Also a little parsley. Let this cook for about 2 hours. This is thicker than the original sauce.
We found this very good over penne pasta. Served with a nice red wine.
You will find the original recipe of page 122 of the book and it is amazing.

A wonderful New Cookbook.

Being home sick can give you time to look at those things that have been showing up during the course of the month that you haven’t taken the time to look at.
The Tucci Cookbook Is one of those things. It was just released on the 10th of October. It has some amazing recipes inside. A few of the recipes have alternative ideas with them, which is something I always love. A few that I can alter myself, I may discuss in the upcoming months. Take a peek at this wonderful, making my mouth water cookbook.